Veritas Collaboration Dinner

3 Apr

This morning, at the farm, Matthew and I met with the goal of constructing a vignette that would attempt to capture the essence of our Easter Sunday dinner collaboration with the crew from Veritas Tavern as an act of culinary genius… and of course, include tasting notes of the cocktail pairings, by Veritas’ mixologist Nicole Hollerman. We came to the conclusion that it would take much more time to write a story that did the experience justice as the photographs from the day could. It truly was an experience that transformed and transcended what a beer dinner is typically thought to be.

All of us at Rockmill would like to thank those who joined us as well as the staff from Veritas, especially Chef Joshua Dalton, Chef Avishar Barua & Chef Silas Caeton.


photos: Brian Kellett

One Response to “Veritas Collaboration Dinner”

  1. Veritas Tavern (@VeritasTavern) April 3, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    Thank you for the kind words, we had a great time as well! Just a quick acknowledgement to the rest of Veritas’ Culinary Team: Chef Silas Caeton. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity Rockmill Brewery!

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